Yukon in November

Yukon in November
July 10 2021

Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to travel from Fairbanks, AK to Denver, CO via truck and travel trailer. When my daughter and I were getting ready to leave my son-in-law made it a point to show both of us where he had put emergency items behind the back seat of the truck. These items included an air compressor, chains, spare gloves, and a HART Outdoor Multiday first aid kit. Suffice it to say, thankfully, we didn’t need the chains or gloves, but that air compressor and the first aid kit came in handy.

We woke one morning (8 degrees outside) and found a flat tire on the trailer. After wrestling the truck around in 6” of fresh snow, we were able plug in the compressor within reach of the tire. We were easily able to get to a tire shop and soon we were on our way. While we didn’t have any serious emergencies, we used the first aid kit for various scrapes. However, it was helpful to have the pain relievers in the cab of the truck with us, so we didn’t have to stop and dig around in the trailer for relief. Nice kit by the way.

I highly recommend driving the Alaska Highway through the Yukon Territories of Canada. You never now what you’ll see but it will be breath-taking.