Icy Tumble...

Icy Tumble...
July 10 2021
One of my snap happy friends took this photo of my husband/wanna be Army medic a couple of weeks ago. A small group of us decided to take a drive into the hills near our town. It’s so beautiful and quiet out there when the snow is deep and the air is a crisp -15 degrees. Yah, we live in Alaska.
We had fun throwing snowballs, wandering wintry trails and laughing a lot. At one point I decided to scramble up a snow drift and the view was worth it even though I slipped and tumbled back down the drift. My hand hit a rock or stump or something and at first I thought it was nothing. It wasn’t long before it started throbbing.
I complained and my husband insisted on checking it right away. It wasn’t broken I told him. I could move my fingers just fine. But he dove into his day pack and fished out our first aid kit, pulled out the elastic bandage and got to work. He did a good job too.
I had purchased our HART Outdoor kit as a gift for him since he was so fascinated with the whole "medic” idea. I would have never thought of putting an elastic bandage in our day pack but I’m glad you did. I had a mild sprain the doctor said, and using that bandage kept the swelling down.
Thanks for having just what I needed in our kit.