Disaster doesn't happen, it STRIKES!

Disaster doesn't happen, it STRIKES!
July 18 2019

As I write this Florida to the Bahamas is engulfed in Hurricane Dorian…

” Hurricane Dorian, a slow-moving, devastating Category 5 storm, made landfall on Sunday in the northwest Bahamas, where catastrophic effects were expected,” quoted from the National Hurricane Center.

The storm has affected the entire east coast, varying in strength and severity from the Bahamas to Canada. Communities have had tremendous flooding, storm surges, power outages, high wind devastation, and more. An estimated 76,000 people have been left homeless in the Bahamas alone.

September is National Preparedness Month. Hurricane Dorian and recent shootings should cause us to take disaster preparedness seriously. Disasters come in all sizes and whether it harms one person or an entire island they have one thing in common… when homes, businesses, schools, governments, resorts etc. have survival necessities and trained personnel on hand the survival rates are much higher.

Although, HART Outdoor kits are primarily designed for outdoor use, they are well-suited to be a part of a home/office preparedness kit. Our Weekend kit is well suited for a small grab and go bag. We highly recommend the Multiday or Extended kit for offices, families of 4 or more, and groups. When choosing a kit consider your group size. For example, if you are supplying an office 1 Extended kit per 10 workers (or 1 Multiday kit for 6 workers) would be a good starting point.

The Dept. of Homeland Security (www.ready.gov) asks everyone in this year’s campaign to "Be Prepared Not Scared”. There is lots of helpful information on their site.


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